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At Blue Star Technologies, we pride ourselves on working at the cutting edge of the fiber optic cabling, installation, and IT industries. 

Opening in August 2005 with Mark Dibastiani and Joseph Marslett, combining 60 years of experience in construction and technology, Blue Star Technologies supports customers in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C.

From end to end — conception to completion — our mission is to provide you with the best customer experience. In doing so, we aim to change the industry, making fiber optic connectivity more accessible, affordable, and manageable.

fiber optic cable diagram
fiber optic cable diagram
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Regional Expertise

Focusing on the Mid-Atlantic states, including the city of Baltimore, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC, we have a deep and abiding knowledge of the region’s infrastructure and technology needs. 

Our work in Baltimore has given our team a unique perspective on the city, and we have clients throughout the region who connected their businesses and communities with our services.

Turnkey Solutions

Network, fiber optic, and structured cabling services ensure that your business is connected and efficient. At the same time, we work with some of the largest Internet and phone providers in the area to provide turnkey solutions for our clients.

Both aerial and underground installation ensures you can open your doors the moment you walk through the door.

We assist corporate clients with new residential or commercial cabling, servicing new construction, developing regions, and upgraded territories. Network cabling can connect any facility or residential area to the provider.  

Diverse and Comprehensive Connectivity Solutions

Our services include connectivity for security systems, enhancing both security and peace of mind for corporate and small business clients. We offer fiber optic network cabling, design, and installation services.

Additionally, we provide IT management for our clients, ensuring you are connected at all times, maximizing your system’s capacity.

While we lay cables, hang aerials, and dig for underground projects, we also wire business for the technology components they use most, reducing costs, and shortening projects while avoiding hiring yet another subcontractor.

Contact us today to learn more about our fiber optic and IT management services.

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