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Fiber Optic Aerial Installation Services in Maryland, DC and Virginia

Fiber optic installation is an important part of your company’s success, connecting you with the global marketplace, your customers, and vendors. At Blue Star Technologies, we have the experience required to install aerial fiber optics, help your business remain connected, and ensure the stability of your fiber optic network.

Serving Baltimore, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC

Call us at (410) 675-5777 or contact us online to discuss your next project.

Serving Baltimore, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC

Call us at (410) 675-5777 or contact us online to discuss your next project.

Why Choose Aerial Fiber Optic Installation?

Aerial installation is cost-effective, uses existing infrastructure (poles, etc,) and shortens the project because there is no trench to dig. Aerial installation helps you reach facilities surrounded by roads, parking lots, and concrete. Digging up roads, sidewalks, and other avenues of transportation is often too much trouble for your business or development plan.

Moreover, aerial installation makes the most sense when existing infrastructure sits exceedingly close to your building.

At Blue Star Technologies, we can complete any fiber optic installation you prefer, but we will consult you on the installation that makes the most sense for your facility and budget. Many times, aerial installations are most appropriate.

The Benefits of an Aerial Installation

Aerial installations benefit project managers, building owners, and community leaders in several ways. Yes, you will save money on the project, but there are issues at play that you must consider. We recommend an aerial installation in many cases because:

aerial installation

If necessary, we can continue with an aerial installation even if your local planning board requires additional work. We can strengthen your cables, secure poles if necessary, and install additional poles where required. 

Trusted, Local Aerial Installation and Expertise

At Blue Star Technologies, we ensure your aerial installations meet the needs of your facility without compromising the quality of the signal and your productivity. Reach out to our team today if you require assistance with an aerial installation, wish to request a consultation, or have questions about the process.

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