At Blue Star Technologies, our services cross a range of disciplines, providing you with the most appropriate design, installation, and management options for your facility. 

Review our services and contact us to discuss an upcoming project or your fiber optic design, installation, and management options. 

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Fiber Optic Construction and Network Cabling

Network cabling stretches from the most basic structured installation to a unique design including conduits, aerials, underground installation, and a host of other options. While we support businesses and large telecom clients, we are also happy to work with government facilities in need of upgrades or reliable contractors.

Computer Networking and Support

IT management is critical for your success. You have several IT options or services working at the same time, and it can be difficult to maintain your business’ network, cloud services, and wireless features while focusing on the core of your business. Reach out to our team at Blue Star Technologies to discuss IT management solutions that improve both your connectivity and your productivity.

Security Video Surveillance

Security applications across your property or facility ensure not only the security of your facility and inventory but the safety of your staff. We are pleased to design and install security solutions that give you flexibility, an unobstructed view of the entire property, and complete control of the facility.

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Including cameras and monitors

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