Baltimore Underground Fiber Optic Cable Installation

Underground Fiber Optic Cable Installation Service in Maryland, DC, and Virginia

Installing fiber optic cabling underground is a common occurrence across the Mid-Atlantic region. At Blue Star Technologies, we have over 60 years of experience in technology and construction, making us uniquely suited to the task at hand. Whether you are upgrading from an aerial installation or managing new construction, we have a fiber optics solution that can help.

Serving Baltimore, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC

Call us at (410) 675-5777 or contact us online to discuss your next project.

Serving Baltimore, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC

Call us at (410) 675-5777 or contact us online to discuss your next project.

Why Choose Underground Fiber Optic Installation?

As part of every underground installation service, we bring fiber optic cabling to your facility or community in preparation for future installations. Fiber optic cables bring the Internet and voice calls to your doorstep, and an underground installation will suit your facility best in a few key situations, including:

underground network cable

The Benefits of Underground Installation

Deploying underground fiber optics ensures a wide range of benefits. While you make the call along with your team and investors, we recommend underground installation for several reasons, including:

Additionally, we can install micro trenches on existing asphalt or concrete surfaces. 

Underground installations are up to ten times more durable and reliable than aerial installations. Just as underwater are used to traverse the oceans and provide connectivity, our underground cables can reach any location irrespective of the scope of the project.

We will assess the terrain around your facility or community, work to avoid tree roots and other obstacles, and dig the appropriate trench for each installation, adhering to applicable local codes.

in-house drilling

We Offer In-House Drilling Services

Different homes and businesses have different network needs, which means no two structured cabling networks are the same. WIth our in-house drilling services, we can install a cable network wherever it’s needed, and we’ll clean up afterwards, patching the walls, making it look like we were never even there.

Expert and Local Underground Fiber Optics

At Blue Star Technologies, we provide you with local expertise, installing underground fiber optics in any location. To review your options, survey the site, and consult on your next project, call us or contact us online. Our fiber optics experts are happy to help you connect and remain connected through the most reliable means possible.

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