Benefits and Basics of Fiber Optic Wiring

Today, everything happens in the cloud. Cloud-based business dealings, cloud-based photo storing, and cloud-based entertainment are just a few ways we use cloud-based services. In order for items to be instantly accessible regardless of where people are in the world, it requires a network infrastructure that can withstand the high demands of cloud-based activities. That’s why people and businesses turn to fiber optic cabling. Learn about the benefits of fiber optic wiring that allow businesses to thrive. 

What is Fiber Optic Wiring? 

Optical fiber is a thin strand of pure glass that acts as a waveguide for light over long distances. Optic fibers are bundled together to create fiber optic wiring. One cable can have as few as two or as many as several hundred strands. Once bundled together, this wiring can transmit large amounts of data over long distances at a fast rate.

Benefits of Fiber Optic Wiring

Better Bandwidth

Fiber optic wires are known to have greater bandwidth than metal cabling. Not only do fiber optic cables have greater bandwidth, but users can also trust that their internet speeds will not slow as high demands are placed on the network. This is crucial for businesses since transmitting data is essential for conducting business. In our digital age, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to have a network with high bandwidth, and fiber optic wiring can help with that. 

Faster Speed

Since fiber optic wiring has higher bandwidth, it produces faster internet speeds decreasing stress throughout the workday. Waiting for things to load and not being able to join video calls can decrease productivity and even lead to a loss in revenue. Fiber optic wiring produces the fastest internet connection available. With fiber optic wiring, you, employees, and customers can benefit from equal download and upload times through a fast data connection. 

Stronger Security

Breaches into a company’s network can come with expensive consequences. However, fiber optic wiring does not conduct electrical signals, so it is impossible to detect data signals. When using fiber optic cabling, hackers won’t know what’s being transmitted and won’t be able to access any information. If hackers attempt to tap into the fiber optic wiring, it will be detected easily. The only way to penetrate a fiber-optic internet connection is to cut the wires, which will make the signal disappear altogether. 

Higher Resistance

Unlike copper wiring, fiber optic wiring does not contain metallic components. They can withstand more pull and pressure and are less prone to damage and breakage. Additionally, temperature changes, bad weather, or moisture doesn’t impact fiber optic wiring. That means businesses with fiber optic wiring are always online regardless of external elements. 

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