Basics of VoIP Systems

Voice over Internet Protocol, commonly referred to as VoIP, is the transmission of phone calls over the internet that uses the landlines from traditional landlines. These systems have improved the efficiency of many businesses across a wide swathe of industries. At Bluestar Technologies, we’ve installed VOIP systems in a number of Maryland businesses, and wanted […]

Is Your Company’s Network Secure?

In today’s world, conducting business is almost impossible without a network where data is kept by and shared among employees. As more businesses conduct business online, the threat of data theft and hacks become much more prominent. That’s why businesses need a secure network. If you are unsure about your company’s network security or want […]

When to Go Wireless in Your Business

Technology and industry have always been interlocked, a relationship that isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Wireless technology has been improving and has been increasing in popularity with business owners for years. At BlueStar Technologies, we’ve been providing business owners with our wireless network installation services for years and wanted to talk about how you […]

Benefits of Cloud Computing

cloud network

Although cloud computing has been around for approximately two decades, it has grown in popularity over the last decade. But if your business hasn’t hopped onto the cloud computing wave, don’t worry; a large portion of the business community continues to operate without it. You may think that your current computing infrastructure is good, but […]

Trusted Emergency Response Services for Your Fiber Optic Network

network testing engineer

When you encounter an outage, or you believe an emergency situation could soon cause the loss of your network, contact our Blue Star team as soon as possible. We will coordinate your emergency response, send a team to troubleshoot the problem, and diagnose the issue.

How to Plan Out a Major Network Upgrade

rack server engineer

Communication technologies are always improving, and from time to time you’ll have to upgrade your business’ network. Here at Blue Star Technologies, we’ve been helping Maryland businesses with their network upgrades for years, and wanted to take time today to speak on how to plan out your next major network upgrade. Draw Up A Network […]