Keeping Your Computer Network Secure

All businesses have sensitive data and information that, if put into the wrong hands, can cause tremendous harm to the business. With computer network security breaches in the news more often, you need to make sure that you’re protecting your company’s data. Check out these tips for keeping your computer network secure.

Install and Monitor Firewall Performance

A firewall is designed to block unauthorized access to computers and networks. It works by implementing rules that control incoming and outgoing network traffic. The computers and networks that follow the set of rules are the only ones allowed into access points, and those that don’t follow those rules are not allowed to access the system. 

Regularly Update Passwords

Strong passwords make it harder for hackers to access your computer network. Inform employees to avoid easy and generic passwords. Instead, opt for more secure, complicated passwords. In addition to creating strong passwords, regularly have employees update their passwords. A good rule of thumb is to update your passwords every quarter to ensure that your computer network remains secure. 

Keep Antivirus Software Up to Date

Failure to regularly update your antivirus software can put your network at risk. When you don’t update your antivirus software, hackers will find ways to “crack” your system and release new viruses to infect your network. You can keep ahead of these hackers by updating the latest versions of your antivirus software.

Create a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

With more people working remotely, companies need a way to protect their network even when their employees are not inside the same physical location. One way to do that is by creating a VPN or Virtual Private Network. With a VPN, only those who have authorized access to your network will be able to do so. This greatly decreases the likelihood of hackers finding a wireless access point.

Encrypt Your Files

Encryption can protect sensitive data on Windows and Mac operating systems using software specifically designed to mask your IP address. So even if a hacker gains access to your network, all they will find is a bunch of gibberish. That means you can rest easy knowing that your company’s sensitive data is always protected from hackers, no matter if they have gained access to the network.

Ask for Help 

The best way to secure your computer network is to seek professional help. Hiring a professional, experienced IT provider can help protect your network from hackers and cyber attacks. They’re always versed in the latest security threats and will make sure that your network is always secure. You can also seek out a Maryland cabling company that can construct a secure network for your business. 

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