Why Structured Cabling is the Future of Networking

It’s no secret that structure cabling is the way to go for your business’s network needs. These days, more and more electronic gadgets are being developed to use wireless network connectivity. Although that is the case, businesses are still opting for structured cabling. That’s because structured cabling gives you a variety of benefits that cannot be beaten. 

twisted pair cabling


Structured cabling systems are built with adaptability and growth in mind. In general, structured cabling can support high and accurate bandwidth. That means it allows your business to do whatever it needs to do. Whether it’s video conferencing, emailing, instant messaging, or anything else, you can rest assured that your structured cabling system can handle anything that comes its way without interruptions. Even when your business grows, your structured cabling grows with it. 


Everyone wants to know how to save money. Structured cabling helps businesses save money in the long run. A fully engineered and properly installed structured cabling network will make any business more efficient. You will see an increase in productivity from your employees, faster rollout of strategic company applications, and more efficient troubleshooting features and capabilities. The result will be more money and savings in the long run.

Supports Multiple Systems and Applications

Structured cabling networks made out of fiber optic cables work in conjunction with other systems and applications. If you are a business that has operations in several locations and video conference employees in those various locations, structured cabling can help your business. That’s because a structured cabling system gives you VoIP software that can be used to hold meetings remotely and seamlessly. 


With more technology comes more cybersecurity threats. Luckily, fiber optic structured cable networks are secure. The system has unique security features and functionalities that only authorized users can access. You can rest assured, knowing that your business’ sensitive information is safe and protected. 

Keeps Your Commercial Building Neat and Tidy

Nobody wants to see a slew of Ethernet cables, phone cords, and coaxial cables when they walk into your building. Structured cabling cleans up the look of your commercial building by putting all these cables and cords inside the walls, under the floorboards, and even in the ceiling tiles. The result is a neat building. 

Ready for a Structured Cabling Network?

If you’re ready to prepare your business for the future with a structured cabling network, let the experts at Blue Star Technologies help. We have over 60 years of combined experience in structured cabling and can ensure that you have the most cost-effective system. Contact us today to get started. 

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