Considerations for my OSP Project

OSP cabling, otherwise known as telecommunications outside plant cabling, has been around for ages. However, this type of telecommunications infrastructure has expanded and has become more complex and efficient. But before you decide on installing an OSP cabling system, there are a few things you should consider first. Aerial, Underground, or Direct Burial? There are […]

What is Driving Up Fiber Optic Demand?

Since 2020, there has been an increased demand for fiber optic cabling. As a result of this increase in demand, people have been finding themselves paying more for fiber optic cabling. But what exactly is driving up fiber optic demand? Keep reading to find out.  Remote Work With more people working from home, the need […]

Why Cat 6 Is a Game Changer

Are you looking to enhance your business internet? Then it’s time to upgrade to Cat 6 cabling. Category 6 cable is a type of twisted-pair cable standard used specifically in gigabit Ethernet-based computer networks. It was jointly defined and specified in 2002 by the Electronics Industries Association and Telecommunication Industries Association (EIA/TIA). Keep reading to […]

Why Structured Cabling is the Future of Networking

twisted pair cabling

It’s no secret that structure cabling is the way to go for your business’s network needs. These days, more and more electronic gadgets are being developed to use wireless network connectivity. Although that is the case, businesses are still opting for structured cabling. That’s because structured cabling gives you a variety of benefits that cannot […]